Curriculum Vitae


Kirsten Rose


5th - 16th June 2017: Perfection & Carnivale exhibition UOB, Luton

26th - 28th May 2017: Art Undressed Exhibition/Festival, Miami

3rd - 6th May 2016: Incurable exhibition UOB, Luton

11th-15th  May 2015: HNC exhibition CBC, Dunstable

20th March 2015: Chaos Collective exhibition CBC, Dunstable


Drawing: A large range of drawing styles, specialising in large-scale chalk and charcoal pieces

Illustration: Able to create small sketchy studies or more intricate ink work in ink and pencil.

Painting: Extremely high standard of acrylic, watercolour and oil work. Able to teach methods, tips and styles quickly and efficiently. Also extremely confident in oil pastels and watercolour pencils

Photography/ Concepts/ Set design/ Costume: Kirsten has created many photographs including sets, props, costumes and concepts. These images have won many amateur photography competitions including two worldwide for irregular choice and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Jewellery & Accessories: Kirsten has spent many years making unique jewellery, bags, clothing and footwear to sell online and at various events. Her unusual style and use of unusual materials make her pieces unique and distinctive.

Print work: Knowledgeable in many types of printing techniques (Mono, Screen, Lino)

Installations: Has created many installations with many components

Communication: Articulate, well spoken and polite.

Planning: able to handle large workloads with little or no supervision under pressure of deadlines.

IT knowledge: Very good working knowledge of Photoshop. Currently learning Illustrator

Employment History

2019 - Present

Kirsty now owns her own business doing successful Art courses in Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard. Full of tips and advice and helping develop each individuals own unique style. She teaches Pencil, Charcoal, Soft pastels, Oil pastels, Watercolour, Watercolour pencil and Ink.


Worked as a tutor for Seasons Art Classes, working on private commissions, selling at comicons across London and providing high quality pet and baby portraits.

Kirsten completed her Degree in 2017 in Fine Art with a 2-1. Learning to communicate themes, being an enthusiastic team member, promoting work and liaising with other artists and gallery owners and completing all work to deadlines. Since then she has been working  as a tutor for Seasons Art Classes and working  on private projects, creating work for comicon 2018 and working on pet portrait commissions. She has developed a unique style that sets her aside from the rest and can complete work quickly and efficently to a high quality.

She developed a very creative thinking process during her education. She has worked within groups and been left to work under no supervision. She always produce work of the highest ability and is confident to discuss or present to others. She has curated her own group exhibitions; including sourcing spaces, fundraising and providing all necessary paperwork.


Kirsten successfully run her own mini business from home whilst her daughters were infants. Designing and creating unique pieces of jewellery and hair fascinators as well as customising clothing and shoes. She self promoted using online social media and fashion sites gaining attention and sales.


10 GCSEs including English and Maths (C and above)

2 A levels (Art and Theatre Studies)

Foundation Degree in Art and Design (Distinction)

HNC in Fine Art (Distinction)

BA Hons in Fine Art (2-1)

References available on request.