Kirsten Rose

Kirsten is a fine artist that works in a huge range of mediums. Her work often focuses on the body.

She has a passion for the macabre and the uncanny and making work that leaves an impression on the viewer. Often using scale and cropping to make unusual pieces.

Since leaving University she has continued to work on her signature style. She has also started her own art class branching out into the surrounding areas as popularity grew. She also does commission work and sells her art and bespoke jewellery at conventions countrywide.

Featured on this site is examples of commissioned pieces, Comicon art and also her own personal work she created using two complimentary topics delving into hidden aspects of our bodies:

Carnival & The Grotesque 

Russian literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin dual-sided theory of The Carnival & the Grotesque Body questions our notions of utopia and dystopia. It focuses on primal human desires, excess, gluttony and lust but doesn’t shy from the other end of the spectrum: death and disease. We as a society find lots of things about our bodies ‘gross’ or ‘unpleasant’ and therefore keep a whole area of ourselves hidden away.

I wanted to explore the multiple emotions caused by viewing these parts of ourselves that are often concealed from public view and the vastly different reactions they can cause depending on the individual.


We are a world obsessed with appearances. This body of work was created after researching Victorian Freak Shows. Even though in modern day society we no longer objectify unusual bodies for entertainment, we are still constantly faced with unachievable standard of beauty that leave little room for bodies that don't fit this ideal.

Whilst we may not make a spectacle of the unusual any more I wanted to make work that focused on the bodies that often don't make this high cut.